About us

BTDS (BT Development Services) Jsc. is one of the prominent asset management companies in Bulgaria, specializing in the management of hotels, resorts, tour operators and agencies, as well as property development and infrastructure. The company proudly carries the legacy of “Balkantourist” – the previously state-owned behemoth of Bulgarian tourism.

Our mission is to deliver world-class projects with distinguished asset management expertise, enhancing the heritage of tourism and reviving the deeply rooted spirit of Bulgarian hospitality.

BTDS manages four and five-star hotels and resorts in some of the most attractive, full-year destinations across Bulgaria – Borovets Mountain Resort, Golden Sands Resort, St.St. Constantine and Helena and the picturesque village of Arbanasi, nearby the ancient Bulgarian capital of Veliko Turnovo.

BT Hotels Collection provides premier accommodation, facilities and services, with extensive expertise in hosting high-impact and large-scale events, such as conferences, galas and weddings. To provide maximum comfort for our business guests, the modern conference centers and event halls combine functionality, contemporary design and cutting edge technology. 

BTDS proudly extends its mission beyond tourism and as a patron of the arts, endeavors to preserve and showcase inherited traditions and the captivating art and history surrounding the emblematic cultural attractions, which touch our projects and sites. This important role, has been largely realized by our proprietary engineering company TTrust Engineering Ltd. The company has unique expertise in the construction, restoration and maintenance of touristic sites, mountain lifts and infrastructure, as well as project management and investment oversight.  

For more information, please email us at marketing@bt-ds.com