Bt Collection is a portfolio of sea and mountain hotels and resorts, offering a fundamentally strong immersion in the hospitality industry and fantastic opportunities for ongoing career development.

Our properties:
  • Hotel International Casino and Tower Suites, Varna – a hotel destination with over 50 years of history and tradition, located in the heart of Golden Sands Resort, a few steps from the shoreline. In addition to the traditional hospitality offering, THE INTERNATIONAL provides a unique product to the Bulgarian tourism market – a large scale casino and conference center, all under one roof. We maintain some 300 personnel year-round and we provide seasonal employment for another 150 staff. We are proud to be able to secure a long summer season – from early May till end-October.
  • The Rila Hotel, Borovets – a landmark and symbol of the first mountain resort in Bulgaria – Rila Hotel sits at the heart of Borovets Resort and at the foot of the ski slopes, as a true „ski-in/ski-out” hotel. The hotel is in the top list of employers locally and has preserved the best traditions and expertise in personnel management. Our permanent team members are 250 and in winter it reaches 350.
  • Borosport is the operator and manager of the mountain trails and owner of the sport facilities in Borovets Resort. It is among the largest local employers, offering opportunities for year-round employment. The permanent staff at the Borosport is some 150 people, reaching 250 during the winter season.
At Bt Collection, we are extremely proud to have been able to retain over 80% of our staff, during the global COVID-19 pandemic.
If your career interest lays in tourism and hospitality services, if you love nature and your job location matters to you, we will be happy to meet you, to discuss our open positions. We guarantee safe and comfortable working conditions, a friendly working environment, attractive social benefit packages and opportunities for professional qualification and development. For those seeking a more dynamic life and a break from routine, we offer an excellent opportunity.
Get to know the available positions for each of our hotels and in "Borosport" by clicking on the links here: