Program “Be Healthy & Stay Active with Bt Hotels Collection!”

  • Dear guests, our teams are ready and delighted to welcome you to a safe and clean environment, operating with the highest standards in sanitation and hygiene. In addition, we are also observing social and physical distancing practices and adhering to the “new normal” during the Covid–19 and post-Covid–19 era. We apologize in advance if the requirements of our new Be Healthy & Stay Active with Bt Hotels Collection!” program, causes delays and/or changes in our regular services.

    Please bear in mind that protecting the health of each and every one of us is a shared responsibility. For this reason, we would like to stress the importance of adhering to the safety recommendations below, during your stay or visit:

    • Please maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, washing hands regularly and making use of provided hand sanitizer, throughout the premises!
    • Please maintain a reasonable distance from other guests!
    • Please read the Covid–19 Safety Rules and Procedures on our website and follow the signage posted throughout the hotels and resorts!
    • After using single use/disposable packages/consumables, please discard them right away, in the nearest bin!
    • Should you feel a headache, dry cough, weakness or temperature over 37.5С, please contact the Reception desk by calling them on the phone and do not leave your room until you receive further instructions!
  • Please review the full Guidelines and complete list of the new Covid–19 Safety Rules and Procedures for each of our hotels and “Borosport” by clicking on the respective link here:

    Dear guests, we kindly ask you to read the safety measures in place, before your arrival to the hotel or resort of your choice and we thank you in advance for your understanding and strict adherence to these guidelines.